About Us

Experiture is Made for Today’s Marketers.

Marketing is fast evolving.  New channels are emerging, accompanied by dedicated marketing solutions to address those new channels. Ever more data is being accumulated about us — typically in fragmented, disparate platforms – siloed across various departments within today’s B2C organizations.

The challenges that these factors pose are numerous.  Marketers must coordinate and integrate messaging across these new channels– and leverage increasing amounts of data being generated by ever more systems. To measure marketing results and determine attribution, marketers must piece the puzzle together from different systems and data sources.

The result?  For most organizations, marketing teams are forced to increasingly employ technical resources.  The resulting experience curve impacts efficiency – and strains existing internal IT resources.

As marketers ourselves, we are sensitive to these challenges. In fact, we created Experiture to give marketers a powerful, affordable, easy-to-use tool to address them.

We have extraordinary pedigree.

Extraordinary pedigreeExperiture is an offshoot of INDROS Group, a leader in Integrated Direct Response Services for more than 12 years. INDROS Group’s prior successes include Easypurl, the leading web-based cross-media marketing platform for Agencies and Marketing Services providers.

We’ve done this before.

We spent about five years creating Experiture. And the technology under the hood is already established.

we've done this before

In fact, the Experiture platform was created by the same team that brought you Easypurl — technology that’s been used by over 800 agencies and 6,000 brands worldwide to launch over 50,000 campaigns.

We believe in experiences.

Summer BBQ On the Experiture Backyard PatioExperiture’s vision is rooted in the idea that marketers must contend with both established and emerging technologies – and meet the challenge of communicating across multiple channels to a variety of audiences, both online and off. We believe that marketers can create unified customer experiences by seamlessly interacting with their audiences across all possible channels.

We won’t stop innovating.

Our mission is to provide marketers with a platform to easily create, automate and optimize multichannel customer experiences. And that means keeping up with new technologies, new channels, and emerging trends and tactics.

PURL, the office cat

Because we live for Customer Experiences and customer life-cycle marketing, we have to be able to leverage new technologies, trends, tactics and channels as they emerge. So while no one can predict the future – you can at least be prepared for it with Experiture at your side.