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Customer Experience Marketing Platform

Backed by twelve years of multichannel marketing success

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Create Connected Experiences

Personalize and automate marketing programs across the customer lifecycle

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Reactive Multi-channel Marketing

Respond to customer data and interactions in real-time

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Integrated Mobile Audience Engagement

Engage users with special offers, send location-based "Push" messaging, and more

Experiture Customer Experience Marketing Platform

Create personalized, dynamic online customer destinations and multichannel messaging across the entire customer lifecycle

Easily design flexible automated multichannel marketing workflows using our innovative drag-and-drop Program Designer – no technical skills required Learn More
Stop sending fragmented marketing messages and start creating full-fledged customer experiences with personalized multichannel messaging and online destinationsLearn More
Aggregate your customer data in our platform, such as demographics, preferences, purchases and interaction histories and more, from your other systemsLearn More
Sophisticated segmentation and list-building tools intelligently groups targets — so that the right messages reach the right audiences at the right time Learn More
Automate your marketing messages based on segments, schedules, and conditional logic with Experiture’s powerful marketing automation capabilitiesLearn More
Access detailed, real-time reporting and analytics from a single dashboard and track results of your automated programs – right down to the individual target levelLearn More

Successful customers of all sizes.

Experiture integrates with data sources including many popular CRM systems and marketing solutions.

Some Featured Partners:

Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics Sugar CRM Velocify Apps Marketplace

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