Targeted, Personalized Omni-Channel Messaging

Omni-Channel Personalization enables connected, cross-channel experiences including web, email, mobile, and more – that can boost response and conversion rates from the same audience.

Experiture’s Omni-Channel Personalization allows you to engage customers at a deeper level by presenting personalized online or mobile content, messaging, or offers based on a customer’s profile information, such as their age or location – or by their behaviors and interactions.

Now more than ever, marketers must be ready to interact on whichever channel a customer is using to interact with you. With Experiture, you can be sure to deliver the right message at the right time, and create intelligent customer conversations across channels.

Personalize Across Channels

Creates meaningful, personalized conversations with dynamic, individualized content and personalized messaging across email, web, social, and mobile – with no special technical skills.

Right Message, Right Time

Experiture Dynamic Personalization allows you to display variable offers, messaging and content that can vary according to profile information and respond to interactions such as purchases, web page visits, email opens, and more.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Deepen customer engagement with omni-channel personalized messaging and  foster deeper emotional connections with your brand over the course of the customer lifecycle.

Gain Marketing Efficiency

Experiture gives you the tools you need to create, launch, measure and optimize individualized cross-channel communication that could boost your bottom line.

Need proof?  According to research from the DMA, omni-channel personalization can boost response rates up to 346% over traditional marketing.  That’s not a typo.  That’s an increase of nearly 4.5 times!

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